Freezer Paper Piecing Masterclass

Everything you need to know about this magical technique is inside this small but mighty online workshop.

Reclaim your foundation piecing joy and save time by mastering the Freezer Paper Piecing technique.

What's inside?

Video Instruction

Access a library of detailed, skill building, videos to help you quickly learn this time saving (and finger saving!) technique.

Pattern Library

Enjoy a library of foundation patterns to try, practice, and refine your new Freezer Paper Piecing skillset. Go you!


Connect with other members of the workshop in the Freezer Paper Piecer's Society on Facebook. #wedontgivearip



Freezer Paper Piecing Masterclass 

What would it be like to never rip paper foundations? Imagine how much time you would save!

To help quilters to reclaim their joy in foundation piecing or who want to save time, I've created the Freezer Paper Piecing Masterclass. After going through this program, you'll never waste your precious creative time ripping paper foundations again! 



In this online workshop, I'll walk you through through the technique step by step. You'll learn everything there is to know about Freezer Paper Piecing via instructional videos. The videos cover Set Up and Prep, Pre-Cutting for Foundation Piecing, Freezer Paper Piecing 101, 102, and 103. And more!

No need to pack up your machine and fabric and notions for class! Enjoy the workshop and work from the comfort of your own home.

No need to rush through the workshop as there is no time limit. Work at your own pace and revisit the materials at your convenience

For your enjoyment and practice, I'm giving you an amazing bundle of patterns. In the Masterclass you'll find the Bright Star, Gemma, and Jacks patterns. You'll also find a few Modern Triangle blocks too!

Reclaim your foundation piecing joy by mastering the Freezer Paper Piecing Technique.

You'll never have to rip papers again, which is hands down amazing!



She's *kinda* a big nerd for Freezer Paper Piecing!

When I learned the Freezer Paper Piecing technique, my quilting life changed. 

I'm completely serious. (See? Big nerd!) 

Prior to learning Freezer Paper Piecing (FPP) I made an amazing quilt, that even graced the cover of American Patchwork & Quilting (hashtag lifetime achievement!). The quilt was beautiful but it took a toll on me. Long story short, I swore off foundation piecing forever. Forever. FOREVER!!!

Happily a friend introduced me to FPP and... angels started singing. Yes! Angels! 

FPP change my quilty life and that's why I created this workshop: to change your quilty life too. 

So, if you hate paper piecing, or you've sworn off paper piecing, then I encourage you to enroll in the Freezer Paper Piecing Masterclass.


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Instructional Videos

Pattern Library

Access to the Freezer Paper Piecer's Society





Instructional Videos

Pattern Library

Access to the Freezer Paper Piecer's Society 


"Love the 2018 BOM. From start to finish the process was very clear. Videos supported the written materials and the sharing among people from all around the world added additional support and inspiration."


"BOM 2018 is my third class with Becca, one of my favorite quilt teachers. Her projects are interesting and inspiring and her commitment to sharing her techniques, ideas and even her rare mistakes, makes each session a learning time. I’m looking forward to 2019 BOM!"


"I'm new to quilting, so starting a quilting project was daunting for me. But along came the Rainbow Triangle BOM! I signed up and have thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. Plus I will have completed my first quilt! I found the lessons were very well organised. The videos are great as you can actually see the process. Rebecca is an awesome teacher, very well organised and thorough. I have learnt so much and can't wait to start the 2019 BOM."


"The Rainbow Triangle BOM has been a great way to learn new types of piecing to create an often overlooked block shape, triangles, with everything from handouts to video instructions. It has been fun trying to work out each month how the different coloured pieces will go together, and the end result is a gorgeous, unusual and vibrant quilt."


"I had so much fun with the 2018 BOM! The email reveal at the beginning of each month was like getting a little present! Some months were challenging, others were easy-peasy but the final outcome was creative, colorful and beautiful. Rebecca’s attention to detail is incredible...handouts, videos and even a place to post our progress! She gave me so much more than I expected!"


"The 2018 Rainbow Triangle BOM has been pure enjoyment. I took a class previously online with Rebecca and wanted more. And now I have signed up for the 2019 BOM challenge to continue with the enjoyment. Rebecca is a very good teacher, thorough, charismatic, approachable. Would recommend anyone at any level of sewing expertise to join in!"


Frequently Asked Questions

Within the workshop you'll have access to all the instructional videos, foundation pattern bundle, and the Freezer Paper Piecer's Society on Facebook.  

There are 3 modules within the Masterclass. Module 1 covers set up and prep, Module 2 includes all the Skill Builder videos (these are the instructional videos), and Module 3 is set up to be a practicum in the shape of a quilt along. 

The quilt along in Module 3 follows the making of the Bright Star quilt pattern, which is included in the masterclass. The quilt along is set up to cover 5 weeks. 

No, the workshop doesn't run on a preset schedule. You'll have access to all the instructional content once inside. 

The quilt along in Module 3 follows the making of the Bright Star quilt pattern, which is included in the masterclass. The quilt along is set up to cover 5 weeks. Each week, you'll have access to a new step in the quilt along. 

You'll have access to this workshop for the life of the program.

At this time I have no plans to sunset the workshop. 

We cover everything Freezer Paper Piecing. 

I feel ya! Technology is really cool, but it can be a tad overwhelming. 

Ok, so how it works is once your payment is completed you'll get an email from me with instructions on how to access the course website. If you're new to my Kajabi platform, you'll be instructed to set up an email and password combination. 

Once you're in, you'll see all the workshop content. The workshop website looks a lot like this page. 

And of course, if you have any trouble, you'll be able to contact the Customer Success Team for assistance.

Great question! Of course you can, but it'll take longer. This workshop will save you the time and energy in that everything you need to know is within the workshop. No need to go off on a seek and find across the internet!

Save yourself the time and stress of figuring out on your own by enrolling in this step by step masterclass, taught by the expert. You'll find everything you need to know about Freezer Paper Piecing right here in one spot. 


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