FREE "Modern" Triangle Pattern

Get started making "modern" triangles today with this cutie patootie heart shaped triangle. 



Make a beautiful Modern Triangle

I created this heart shaped "modern" triangle as a free sample to introduce quilters like you to quilting with Modern Triangles. Get the pattern today, get your first magical, "ta da" moment tomorrow! 

Take your Quilting to the Next Level 

"Modern" triangles are for any quilter who wants to unlock a kaleidoscope of creativity while working alongside a group of fantastic quilters from around the world!


Get your creativity fix, fast! You can make and show off this triangle today


Create more from your sizable (cough cough, no judgement!) stash


Use this idea and make it your own! Oh the possibilities!

What's inside?

This foundation pattern introduces you to "modern" triangles...

Step 1: Download and Print... 

Inside the printable, you'll find the cover page (curtsy🤓),

Foundations for two (two?!!!) yes! read on!),

and finally, some design ideas for your latest creation. 

Step 2: Grab some scraps and then... 

Grab your favorite snack and a cuppu, stream your favorite junk tv, and enjoy your sewing session.

And if you need a tutorial on how to make this block? I'll have a step-by-step video for your enjoyment as well. 

Woot woot! Let's play!

Step 3: Ta Da!

Surprise! There's *two* different hearts to get your creativity really going!

Once you get your first triangle made, celebrate! Ta da!! Isn't it cute?! 

Now, your next steps might be to make some more and watch how your creativity comes to life as you tile the triangles together in different patterns! 

This is just the beginning. 

Hello There!

I'm Rebecca. Nice to meet you! 

Ever since I wrote the book on Modern Triangle Quilts (C&T Publishing, 2017), I've been helping quilters enjoy more “ta da” moments in my popular online workshops and Block of the Month programs. With "Modern" Triangles quilters just like you have all the tools you need to create beautiful modern triangles quilts.  

👉 Clear instructions? Check.

👉 BLOCKBUSTER Patterns? Check. Check.

👉 Cheerleading & Inspiration? Check PLUS!

👉 Friends to celebrate with? Check PLUS PLUS!!

Get your copy now! 

Get started making "modern" triangles today with this cutie patootie heart shaped triangle.